Micro:bit – Simple Compass

One of my favorite things about the micro:bit is that it comes with several sensors right on the board that can be used without any additional hardware. However, if you’re just starting out with a micro:bit, it can be a little challenging to know exactly how to use them all. In this post, I’ll be … Read more

Programming a TI-85 Graphing Calculator – Revisting the 1990’s TI-BASIC

In my previous post, I discussed how I cleaned out and restored my old TI-85 Graphing Calculator after finding corroded batteries inside. After finally getting it to turn on, I immediately started reliving my high school experience. It was honestly kind of surprising how quickly my memories came back to me. Despite not using the … Read more

Additional Examples of Nested If Statements

In my previous post, I discussed an issue in Scratch relating to Nested If statements. I think that by limiting the If statement to only one conditional (an If condition or an Else condition), the concept of multi-conditional statements has been made more difficult that it should be. I believe that Nested If statements are … Read more